Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio is specialist in Aluminum and thermal break frames production, with the possibility of requesting custom estimates, suitable for any type of building.

The fixtures created guarantee excellent thermal-acoustic insulation and can be customized in many types of finishes and colors, to give you the pleasure of harmonizing the rest of the furniture with beautiful and functional frames.

Thanks to the availability of the most modern technologies and the best materials available on the market today, Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio creates Aluminium doors and frames every day, or in double material Wood / Aluminum and PVC. Each of these frames will adapt perfectly to the place in which they will be installed, guaranteeing high energy efficiency, perfect thermo-acoustic insulation, as well as an elegance and a refinement of customizable details according to your personal tastes.

Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio also proposes the creation and installation of insulating glass directly on those that are your specifications in terms of shape and size.

As for the frame sector, Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio offers you a wide range of items such as armored doors, mosquito nets, roller shutters and garage doors, which can be automated to ensure easy access with your car in rainy days or at night, without any risk to you and your family.

In addition to the construction, on the entire frames, Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio offers its after-sales services, aimed at intervening in case of breakdowns or malfunctions, to keep your fixtures beautiful and efficient with a few simple gestures . Everything will be done by the owner himself.

On all products you can take advantage of tax deductions up to 75% (the percentage varies according to the financial in force) for energy redevelopment, available for professionals, businesses and individuals. In addition, the fixtures installed are certified by special authorities that attest to the goodness and quality of this business reality.

Do you want to create an exclusive, unique and custom Aluminum working that provides a solid and safe piece of furniture, with customized accessories and finishes?