Wrought Iron


 “Iron” for any kind of use, paired up with wood for the realization of furnishing such as beds, artistic accessories, gates, railings, staircases, mezzanines, any classic typology with artistic finishes or more modern ones depending on the architectural context.

Different models of wrought iron railings, simple or artistic compositions, which are enriched and made special thanks to the artistic varnish, entirely produced by us, completely ecological, that gives various effects ranging from antique copper, bronze, silver and cover with gold leaf details, all applied with artistic techniques.

In order to make the finishings even more special and exclusiveSwarovski accessories, original and custumized, can be added. Even a simple railing can become special, precious, unique and exlusive in all its security and solidity.

Do you want to make a Wrought Iron working, exclusive, unique and custom, that is a solid and safe piece of furniture, with customized accessories and finishes?