Cor-ten Steel


Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio is specialist in Cor-ten Steel, processing, a highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. Thanks to these characteristics, it is widely used in the construction of buildings, guardrails, bridge joints and large works, as well as becoming the favorite material for some designers and artists for the creation of outdoor or indoor furnishings and works of art.

Cor-ten Steel has the peculiarity of oxidizing while maintaining great stability, unlike Iron. In contact with the air, Cor-ten rusts and forms a superficial patina that acts as a protective oxide film, preventing the structure from corroding internally, from ruining and losing the great resistance properties that characterize it.

The film has a porous outer layer and an impermeable inner layer rich in copper, chromium and phosphorus.

The color tends to vary during the oxidation process from an initial warm orange to a brick color after the patina has stabilized.

The great aesthetic impact of Cor-ten oxidation is the reason why this material has been chosen by numerous architects, interior designers and artists for the realization of interior and exterior furnishing accessories and contemporary art works.

Do you want to make a Cor-ten Steel working, exclusive, unique and custom, that makes solid and safe furniture, with customized accessories and finishes?