Custom staircases

The staircases of Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio are customized and created according to the taste of the costumer or engineers, architects, interior designers, builders. Solid, secure and comfortable staircases, in different models: spiral, elicoidal, suspended, openclassic or modern, according to the surrounding environment as their form, finishings and details complement the furniture.


Stairs for classic environments are strictly made in a traditional way with iron structures, wooden steps, metal, natural or synthetic marble, wrought iron railings of various models, simple artistic compositions, which are enriched and made special thanks to the artistic varnish, entirely produced by us, completely ecological, that gives various effects ranging from antique copper, bronze, silver and cover with gold leaf details, all applied with artistic techniques. In order to make the finishings even more special and exclusive, Swarovski accessories, original and custumized, can be added.

Even a simple railing can become special, precious, unique and exlusive in all its security and solidity.


For modern environments Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio builds staircases in painted metal or stainless steel with steps made of metal, wood, glass, broken glass with different shades: clear to fumé or mirrored, stainless steel, natural or synthetic marble (Hanex), balustrades made of tempered glass, Stainless Steel (Inox Steel) or Cor-ten that serve as decoration, in their safety solidity and comfort, to give a unique touch to your environments. The processes for the construction of such products are carried out with the use of advanced technologies and the use of C.N.C. equipment in order to have a greater accuracy constructing and during the installation. These are the latest generation stairs without visible structure, with cantilevered steps and minimalist visual systems for a low visual impact, they are therefore bright and transparent.

The stairs, like all Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio products are all creatively handcrafted and personalized with special “Made in Italy” style details, costumized with great attention to detail also to the specifically designed accessories, to meet the needs of customers with special taste, looking for the unique and exclusive. Special stairs, that´s the right definition for our products designed for outside and inside, from the simplest to the more complex model.

Structure, forms, colors and materials are chosen with the customer or technicians, architects, interior designers, builders during the design stage so that nothing is left to chance and in order to manufacture high performance, unique and exclusive products.

The Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio realizes staircases on already inhabited environments, or ones that are in construction. This way it is possible to set up the best conditions for its installation. Every staircase can´t be the same as another, as it is handcrafted and it´s always personalized.

Do you want to create a particular, exclusive, unique and custom staircase that is a piece of furniture, solid, safe and comfortable with customized accessories and finishes?