The Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio looks for and adapts materials and innovative systems created by leading companies in the market, as a result of needs and temperature, from the modern designs to the most classic. The Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio also produces high performing PVC Windows in its own productive space and with advanced equipment, of the most innovative systems and types: Shuttered windows, Parallel Sliding windows, Vertical sliding windows, and all types common to the market.

The closing systems for the PVC windows have perimetric closing, which together with the galvanized steel reinforcements allow for better safety from theft and makes them hermetic to weathering.

In addition to the construction, on the entire frames, Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio offers its after-sales services, aimed at intervening in case of breakdowns or malfunctions, to keep your fixtures beautiful and efficient with a few simple gestures . Everything will be done by the owner himself.

The PVC windows and gates are the best for low thermic transmittance and therefore falls within the parameters that the ENEA imposes for energy saving allowing for fiscal detraction of up to 65%, saving even in the purchase of the window.

They can be defined as premium windows because besides having security systems and low thermic transmittance, they also function ad home décor with silkscreened finishes, as desired by the client or the technician.

With handcraft workings made by me, they are very performing in the restoration of historic centers or landscape constraints, with bosses and dark wood effect.

Do you want to create an exclusive, unique and custom PVC working that is a solid and safe piece of furniture, with customized accessories and finishes?