Custom-made furniture


The craftsman is the one who, with his own hands, brain and heart, transforms the material creating true works of art.
Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio creates furnishings tailored to the environments and tastes of the customer, technicians, architects, interior designers, interior designers, with various combination solutions to give multiple possibilities of choice.
Iron and wood for a warm and enveloping effect. Stainless steel and glass for a purely modern and minimal style. Corten and Solid Surfaces Corian/Hanex a whimsical combination, materials of different nature.

Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio: where the creativity of architecture blends with craftsmanship, to give life to extraordinary custom-made furnishings. Guided by our corporate architect, we invite you to discover a new dimension in the art of inhabiting spaces.

Luxury Materials: Wood, Corian and Metal with Material Finishes, Stainless Steel and Glass

Wood: We carefully select the type of wood and the precious essences suitable for every type of use. Each table is a story of nature and craftsmanship, shaped to create furnishings of rare beauty and durability.

Corian: This versatile material allows us to model surfaces seamlessly, integrating them harmoniously into environments. The vast range of colors and creative potential allow us to conceive solutions that combine elegance and practicality in an extraordinary way.

With Material Finishes: Our expertise in metalworking translates into solid and contemporary structures. The material finishes transform the metal into true functional works of art, giving a distinctive character to each piece.

Custom-made furniture as functional works of art

Each furniture produced by Tecno Metal is not just a furnishing accessory, but a work of art that defines the space. Every curve, every junction, is masterfully shaped to create a visual and tactile symphony.

A World of Tailored Possibilities

We invite you to explore our showroom, where you can touch the quality and originality of our furnishings. With Tecno Metal, transforming spaces into distinctive and inspiring environments is an unparalleled experience.

We are excited to partner with youto create tailor-made solutions that exceed all expectations. With Tecno Metal, your environment is our canvas, ready to welcome your story.

Do you want to create custom-made furniture, where the creativity of architecture blends with craftsmanship?