Artistic railing | Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio | Rosolini, Italy
Tecno Metal by Carlo Minio specializes in the processing of wrought iron: gates, artistic railings, stairs, mezzanines, furnishings, with gold leaf finishes, artistic paintings, accessories in original Swarovski, in Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy.
Tecno Metal, Carlo Minio, Wrought Iron, Gates, Art Railings, Stairs, Furniture, Gold Leaf Finishes, Artistic Paintings, Original Swarovski Accessories, Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy,
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Artistic railing

  • Tecno Metal - Handcraft Workings, Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy
  • Tecno Metal - Handcraft Workings, Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy
  • Tecno Metal - Handcraft Workings, Rosolini, Siracusa, Italy
Wrought Iron


Designed by the technical designer.

Designed, built and finished by Tecno Metal – Carlo Minio.

The customer was able to follow every phase of processing in the workshop.



Iron. Finishes of the surface of the steps consisting of natural pigments with zero environmental impact. Walnut essence.


Gold leaf on ligatures.

Artistic painting

Opaque copper effect.



Shaped arched design on site with appropriate equipment.



The parapet with an applied static load of 80 Kg/m has not been subject to permanent breakage or deformation.



All Tecno Metal products have a suitability certificate as they are related to the static tests for each product used in the implementation phases. Ours are special and niche products, intended for a select and demanding clientele, therefore all the process, from construction to installation, is executed in a careful and accurate way by the owner himself, thus ensuring greater functionality and greater product warranty.